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Often I am asked if I am able torecognize a real talent

Issuing time:2019-02-26 15:36

It’s an impossible question toanswer because a true talent can be valued only when the page of a life isturned and many eyes have swept the world of this artist and have been affectedto such a point where it must be talked about. I have met great artists whohave lost what once made them great following accidents of life. I have metgreat artists that the general public has not felt. So my answer consists oftwo parts: what I see in a work that I think has a great talent? And what I seein an artist who reminds me of a great talent? 

With Qianmei, I can see thefundamental elements of an encounter between her work and her personality thatmakes me think of a real talent.


At first, her work hit me in anincredible way with the material that looks like nothing else I had seenbefore, which immediately raised the question of why and how.

With hindsight, I imagineimpressions. But looking closer, I see a work I cannot understand, a work thatseems driven by something stronger than any logic and yet completelyconsistent, and pushes me to find out what I truly feel. The strength of naturalelements assembled with a rage that jumps out at you. Then like a Rorschachtest, a deep dip in the reactions on my eyes and my feelings. I look back on myintimate wounds, my inner garden that I hide so well. I think about anexplosion, a cry of joy, a cry of rage. A superb catalyst that makes me fixateon the painting, while admiring its crafted details and finishing.

Then, the artist that I see atfirst glance transpire an intimate garden with a provocative indecency: Yes,it’s me, I am suffering, I fight, I take everything that life brings and Ithrow it on the canvas to share with you. What a unique honesty in her candor.At the edge knowing that I will survive if only to heal my wounds that willnever be healed. A anger that never ends and I carry with me. All this aretemporarily calmed by those so relaxing Tibetan landscapes.

How can we not display such anevidence. In this wonderful place. Here again, our gallery remains true to itsgoal of sharing what we love, what makes us react, and seek not to blend infashion or movement just to please an audience.

Philippe Staib | founder

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