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There is a pure land in the heartof everyone

Issuing time:2019-02-26 15:32

There is a pure land in the heartof everyone.

Time and time again I have askedmyself, “Where can I find a pure land?”

Perhaps under the arrangement ofsomething unseen, I went on a trip to Tibet.

Lhasa, which is sacred, solemn andunfathomable, has been eulogized and worshiped by multitudes of people…

It was there that I finally founda pure land for my heart.

The land and sky there adopted me.The angelic melody and rhythm there knocked at the door of my heart andimpacted my mind.

Had my heart been left there, orhad I brought the soul of Lhasa back? I had no idea.

Although I had left this holyland, I could not calm down, and the following pictures of Lhasa always came tomy mind:

Pious faces of pilgrims, bumps ontheir foreheads caused by kowtowing, measuring the road of penance with thebody, the tranquil and holy Potala Palace…

I couldn’t hold back any longer. Iwanted to vent, and I had found my direction.

This was rightly the reason forthe launch of the Soul of Tibet. Many years of life accumulation and longingturned into the passion and sweat of creating, which were integrated into thelaterite of the plateau and into the pictures in my dreams, nearlyuncontrollably…

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