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Art, her world

Issuing time:2019-02-26 15:30

Art is the world of an artist, andthe world she lives in, feels and thinks about. For artist Qu Qianmei, it is aworld full of hope and vitality as well as pain and suffering. It is the verycomplexity, contradictoriness and diversity of the life she has experiencedthat makes her art so rich, substantial and weighty - and also so deep andagonized.

Qu Qianmei was born in Jiangnan (ageographic area in China immediately to the south of the lower reaches of theYangtze River). At the mentions of Jiangnan, gentle and refined people andnature immediately occur to Chinese literators. This is the cultural idealconstructed by ancient poets and painters. For the people of Jiangnan today,although the cultural information conveyed by traditional culture gene neverdisappears, it always emerges in unexpected places and at unexpected times in thedepth of their hearts. In addition to Jiangnan, another two places - Paris andTibet - also had a profound impact on the development of Qu Qianme’s art. If wesay Jiangnan has contributed to her daily experience, then we can also sayParis has given birth to her artistic quality, and Tibet has enhanced herspiritual realm.

It is among these differentregional cultures and living atmospheres that Qu Qianmei touches us with hertremendously affecting paintings. Those are a series of questions and answers aboutlong-term cultural accumulation and instant emotional sensations, as well asheavy survival experiences and insubstantial art association. And it is thesedifferent spiritual atmospheres that constitute her personalized art style -exquisite form treatment constitutes a deep spiritual strength, abstractlanguage symbols conceive real feelings of life, and ancient lacquer, clay andmetal materials convey sensitive, slender female intuition. It is difficult toidentify the cultural types of these works, but we can perceive their commonfeature: namely, a well-traveled Chinese lady’s deep reflection on history andculture and her forthright feelings on the reality of mankind. This is a kindof art that is accompanied by tears and heartbeats.

Shui Tianzhong | Chinese artcritic

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