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QU Qianmei


Born in Rui An, Zhejiang province 


1979 Study in Rui An Normal college with artist Qiu Yuren, major in painting. Joined Youth Art Exhibition in Rui An hold by Rui An Bureau of Culture


1985 Live in France, continued Chinese Painting creation


2001 Transform to create abstract painting 


2008 Studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, major in Mixed Media Oil Painting Dept.


2015 Studied at China Central Academy of Fine Arts for Tempera research


Now live and work in Shanghai and Paris 


Current cooperation Gallery:Galerie HURTUBIZE, Halcyon Gallery Shanghai






2021 West Bund, JIAXI Art Center, Shanghai

         China International Import Expo, ARTERA, Shanghai

         Half Garden - QU Qianmei New Work Exhibition New Breakthrough Blooming in the Sky, Shanghai Tower


2019 Jinan Sculpture Park, Shanghai, "Natural Spirits"

          City Hall of Paris, " Stalker of The Universe" 

2018  Lee, Amy Gallery, Beijing, "Gilded years"Solo Exhibitions

          Foundry Museum,Beijing "Go on spring outing " 

2017 Modern Gallery, Taiwan, "Daily Spiritual Course"

         Beijing Foundation Art Museum, "Daily Spiritual Course" 

2016 Beijing Today Art Museum, "The convert"

         Galerie NICHIDO ,Paris, "Universe 2" 

2015 Galerie Phillippe STAIBE, Shanghai, "Soul.Tibet"

         City Government of Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, France, "Universe 2" 

2014 Asia Art Center, Beijing, "The Invisible and The Intangible" 

2012 "Ciel, Terre et Temps" Invitation Exhibition held by UNESCO, Paris, France 

2011 Shanghai Art Museum, "Circumstances. Experiences"

         Modern Gallery, Taiwan, "Circumstances. Experiences" 

2010 Beijing Foundation Art Museum, "Circumstances. Experiences"  

2008 ID Olympics Ville de Castellon, Spain, "Voice of Peace" 

2007 Naville Duke Palace, "Voice of Peace"

         Paris Foreign Church, "Voice of Peace"

         Nantes Congress Centre, France, "Voice of Peace"

         "Hopes 2008"First Exhibition held by UNESCO, Paris, France 

2004 People Gallery, Paris, "Nirvana" 






Resurrection by Rouen CathedralVoice of Peace collected and certificated by UNESCO Encounter collected and certificated by Spain ID Olympic, ville de Castellon Barwell Art Funds Taiwan Da Wu jiang Art Funds Taiwan Yong Mei Art Funds, XIXI Design, Yuan Sheng Coffee (TaoXiChuan, Jingde Zhen) and Shanghai Astronomy Museum. Works are collected by the collectors from France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and other countries.



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